Real-time, digital property transactions for greater efficiency and better outcomes

US, meet Openn.

Openn's digital property transaction platform is empowering brokers, agents and their clients with greater transparency.

Watch the video for a teaser on how Openn can help you:

  • Receive offers anywhere, anytime
  • Show buyers & sellers the number of real offers
  • Control transparency to regulations and sellers choice
  • Keep your clients informed in real-time
  • Grow your pipeline and brand
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What we're bringing to real estate:


Openn is a digital solution that smooths out the kinks in a transaction workflow, allowing offers to be tracked in real time. All stakeholders are in the loop: 24/7.


Openn’s platform creates a level playing field for consumers. It does not show race, color, creed, gender or sexual preference bias.


Openn empowers real estate pros with a platform that provides consumers with an unequaled level of trust and confidence.


Don't just take our word for it...

With this system, buyers and sellers can have greater confidence in the process, and it can help to mitigate potential issues that can arise in traditional negotiation-based transactions.

Jason Steele

RE/MAX Four Seasons Realty Ltd. Brokerage
We all communicate in different ways, so trying to figure out who I’ve talked to is overwhelming. Just the ability to bring everything into one platform and not have to track emails and phone calls. Everyone can see what’s going on without having to hear back from you immediately.

Stephanie Varney

Divine Fog Realty Company
The Openn platform provides buyers with the opportunity to see how much competition exists and where their offer stands in the negotiation process. On the flip side, for sellers, it builds confidence that they're getting the most that they can from current market conditions.

Patrick Pichette

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